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Interview with Ernest Hemingway

Originally posted on Craig's Writing Articles: and PS “In order to write about life first you must live it.” from and ? ? picture from SHARE, INFORM, IMPACT, UPLIFT, IGNITE, ENCOURAGE and (perhaps even)…

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Books from New Zealand

Originally posted on From Seeds of Hope To Endless Possibilities:
Sources: Books from New Zealand and

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Children’s Author Angel Krishna on Teaching Kids Values Through Books

Originally posted on Angel Krishna Story Books:
Angel Krishna Story Books View original post

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Creative Writing Course (1997/1998)

Originally posted on BOOKS BY CRAIG LOCK:
Source: Creative Writing Course (1997/1998)

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Hemingway on the Art of Fiction

see Ernest Hemingway’s 1958 interview in The Paris Review, on the Art of Fiction. Among other things, Hemingway discusses his writing process, when he likes to write, and the value of editing. INTERVIEWER Are these hours during the actual … Continue reading

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Thoughts along the Writing Journey: “Writers experience the world through writing.”

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“Writers experience the world through writing.” from “I just have to write to understand my experience of life. I feel compelled to write!” ? “Write, create, innovate” ? picture from

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Craig’s Letters to Newspapers: My book has just been published

Originally posted on The Writing Journey:
? see First (“baby”) Steps on the Writing Journey as originated from PS The paperback version should be available in a few days ? from and PPS “The journey of…

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